Donate to the Las Vegas Alliance of the Libertarian Left

The Las Vegas Alliance of the Libertarian Left distributes left-libertarian and anarchist literature in the Vegas Valley — including short tracts, zines, eye-catching flyers, and handbills — in order to make contact with people in this community sympathetic to the ideas of the Libertarian Left, and to educate those not yet familiar with those ideas. Our literature also discusses, and stresses the importance of, methods for achieving social change that do not depend on the State or on electoral politics. We also organize meetings and online networking resources to help libertarian, anarchist, and social justice activists in the Vegas Valley find each other and work together towards their common goals. We are one of the only groups in the Vegas Valley producing and distributing radical and explicitly anti-statist educational materials.

You can help support this work with a donation to our projects. We have a small annual budget of costs for technical services, printing, and labor that are necessary to keep online and operating, to keep our projects solvent, and to keep our printing presses running. Once our annual bills are covered, any further proceeds will be used to expand the distribution of our materials, or distributed to other Anarchist organizing projects working on the ground in Las Vegas.

You can make a secure online donation using PayPal.

So far your donations have covered $0.00 out of our annual budget of $945.93.

Our bills

Domain registration
$8.99 / year
Hosting and bandwidth $6 / month $72.00 / year
Dues to support Vegas Anarchist Cafe $35.00 / year
Ink cartridges for printing flyers, handbils, and other promotional materials $29.99 every 2 months $179.94 / year
Printing expenses for booklets, tracts, and zines $50.00 / month $600.00 / year
Other supplies for producing print copies
Staples, glue, etc.
$50.00 / year
Total $945.93 / year

Once all the bills are paid, any proceeds above our costs will be passed along to other Anarchist projects in Las Vegas, such as Vegas Anarchist Cafe and Food Not Bombs Las Vegas.

So far, we have received $0.00 in donations for 2009. We still have $945.93 left in bills to cover and have paid out $0.00 in direct support to local Anarchist projects.