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Portland ALLies on the Airwaves

Posted 20 February 2009 // by ALLy Rad Geek

ALLies Shawn Wilbur and William Gillis — of the Northwest Alliance of the Libertarian Left — were interviewed a while back by Kyle Burris for KBOO FM (90.7 FM Portland, 100.7 FM Corvallis, 91.9 FM Hood River) on the ideas of the Libertarian Left and Market Anarchism. Shawn Wilbur recently mentioned on his blog that the interview is now available online:

Market Anarchism: Government regulation and the financial crisis.

What roll did government regulation play in the current financial crisis? Is more regulation what we really need? What would a truly free market look like? And is there hope for radical reform, beyond the failed Marxist model?

KBOO’s Kyle Burris speaks to local anarchist activist William Gillis, and historian Shawn Wilbur, about the theory know as Market Anarchism, or Left Libertarianism. They discuss the roll government plays in the current economy, and also take a historical look at government’s affect on unions and health care in the US.

More information on the subject can be found at the website Invisible Molotov. (17 Feb 2009): Market Anarchism: Government regulation and the financial crisis.

Congratulations to Shawn and William!

An mp3 file of the interview is available for download from the website.